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On June 10, 2023 the "A Taste of Riverworks" festival kicked off at the soon-to-be Riverworks Performance Center, located at the old thrift shop in historic downtown Poolesville, Maryland. the program began with a mini performance by dancers from Essence Studios, Dance & Performing Arts, featuring classical ballet, hip-hop and contemporary jazz pieces, including the premiere of a new work, "The Persistence of Memory," choreographed by Essence Studios student Cecilia Zeranski!

A large crowd of art enthusiasts of all types were thrilled and supportive of the younger dancers, and stunned by the precision and artistry displayed by the advanced students. Ms. Zeranski's intricate piece was brilliant, and showed remarkable maturity and imagination, especially considering the choreographer's age.

This dance performance was the debut of the new sprung floor on Riverworks' outdoor stage, the only outdoor floor of it's kind in the county. READ MORE ABOUT OUR PARTNERSHIP WITH RIVERWORKS.


HGCBT alaso held a silent auction fundraiser at the festival, with a wide variety of items donated by local businesses and individual supporters. The auction, like the entire event, was a great success, and provides HGCBT the opportunity to expand our outreach and participation of dancers and choreographers for future performances. 

Photos by Michael Redmond

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